Friday, October 06, 2006

Out of the Studio Again!!

Hey, I crawled out of my catacomb again today and visited another studio, making the 1 hour-plus drive to Worcester, MA to visit Slav Vaskevich of Vaskevich Studios. Slav had sent some voice-over work my way last week and then had floored me with an offer to print some business cards for me. I wondered how he knew how desperately I need business cards? I thought this generosity was a result of a discount I had given him as a new client of MCM Voices, and because he seemed very pleased with the work I had done. But today he explained it to me. He just likes to help people. He said he understands the challenges of running a small business and he likes to feel that we are all in this together, helping where we can. He expects nothing in return.

What a wonderful way to live one’s life. I am trying not to think in terms of what I can do for him now, because clearly, that is not what he’s looking for. But I will definitely be inspired by this generosity, and am humbled. I hope I will be more aware in the future when opportunities come my way to do a good turn for somebody else.

So, I spent a pleasant hour talking with Slav about business card design and looking at his beautiful studio. By the way, no car accidents this time. The rear-ended minivan is in the shop, and I was driving a new, used car that we had been saving up for anyway and the occasion of a crunched vehicle seemed like a signal to make that purchase and donate our teen-aged Volvo to the local public radio station, WFCR. It has a CD player. This is a good thing, because now I can listen to stuff that was not available to me before. On the way to Worcester I listened to the first four chapters of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, narrated by Pat Fraley. What a treat! On the way home, I listened to Jill Connolly’s Venus in Transit – absolutely dreamily gorgeous – and another Fraley oeuvre, The Gypsy’s Guide to the Business of Voiceover, full of excellent advice for the business side of the venture. I don’t usually wreck cars in order to get a CD player, but golly, I can see the upside of last week’s audition-gone-awry.


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